Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th! Since Matt has transferred so far, we especially love every minute of family time that we get. It started Thursday evening when Matt got home from work. The girls and I enjoyed baking some cute flag treats. We all stayed up late watching movies. Friday morning Matt slept in as late as he wanted. I just got up with Jackson and we shut the bedroom door and let Matt snooze. The girls ended up sleeping late too. When they got up Matt cut the lawn and we rode our 4 wheelers and just stayed outside most of the day. That evening we went out to eat with my brother and his family, and then we met my parents to go watch some fireworks. It was the most beautiful summer evening I can remember. I have never sat for fireworks without sweating. It wasn't humid or hot, can you believe that? Saturday morning we got up and went to the parade in town. Our church had 4 spots in the parade so we walked in the parade passing out popsicles and tracts. The kids had the best time. I pulled Jackson in his wagon. Then we went to my parents for a bbq and pool party!! It was so nice to relax with my family! I am ready for the next holiday:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Summer Vacation

Feeding the hungry children after a busy day! Aren't they cute?
From far left to right: Matt, his brother Jimmy, our nephew Alex, Matt's sis Martha, and Matt's dad.

The 2 stroller buddies! They were such good boys in their strollers ALL day at the theme park.

Jackson started walking while we were on vaca. We think that it was my nephew, Logan who is several months older than Jackson, that gave him the inspiration to get walking.

Matt and Matti. She is definately her daddies girl. She has him wrapped very tightly:0

This is Matti getting her ears pierced while on vaca. She is the bravest little thing. She has been soooo proud of those earrings.

Cute little Stacey posing at Claires. We went here on our shopping day.

This is Matt and Matti on the scariest roller coaster there. I rode it with Matti and was so afraid she was going to fly out. Yep, that's my 5 year old.

This is Stacey with Matt's sister. They look alot alike too. Her name is Martha, she just graduated from college. We love her and my girls are CRAZY about her!

This is a view of our condo as you come in. I did all our laundry before we came home. It was great.

This is Stacey and Matt's mom. Isn't it precious how they look just alike?

We had a wonderful family vacation this year. We started out by heading to Arkansas to Matt's brother, Jimmy's house. It was a 12 hour drive and the kids did remarkably well. We enjoyed seeing their new beautiful home. They live up in the Ozark mountains. It is just gorgeous there. I took some pics of their place and deleted them on accident. They have 2 boys, Alex,10 and Logan,1. We then headed to Branson, with Jimmy and family, where we met Matt's mom and dad and little sis. We all stayed in 2, 3-bedroom condos, where we had plenty of space for everyone and their families. We had season passes to a theme park there. We also took a day for shopping, and of course the kids enjoyed the pools that were at our condos. The week went so quickly, and we were exhausted after the 12 hour drive back home. It was one of our favorite vacations so far.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My 6 unimportant favorite things!>

1. The hour every morning with just Jackson while the girls are still asleep.
2. The time in the evening with the girls when Jackson is asleep.
3. Fresh bed sheets on Monday nights! I wash our bed linens on Mondays and I don't know what it is about climbing into those fresh soft sheets, but I always look forward to it.
4. Almond m&ms. I have to go easy on them now that I have stopped nursing.
5. Lighting some scented candles after cleaning the house and just taking it in for the 5 minutes it will stay clean.
6. Watching House Hunters.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson

These are some pics of Jackson's birthday party! We had Matt's family come in from out of town. He had a great party. I posted pics of him newborn because it just doesn't seem real that he is one. This has been the busiest and the fastest year of my life. I remember when our first ,Stacey, was born. I used to sit and stare at her all day wondering when she was going to do something. I don't do that with Jackson. I say with him, when did you start doing that? We love you Jackson! You have been a prayer answered, a dream come true, a huge blessing in our family! Sissys love you too!
You are the best brother anyone could ask for! Love Stacey
I love Jackson! Love Matti

Monday, May 11, 2009

We got the kids bunnies for Easter

We haven't had the chance to post pics of our bunnies yet. We have 3; Cotton, Thumper, and Domino. The girls are having so much fun with them.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictures of pictures

Try not to laugh, but I don't know how to scan pics so here are some pictures of pictures of our wedding. The picture of us that is obviously hanging on our wall was one of our engagement pics. I enjoyed looking at these:) Remember the days before kids? Me either!